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Zimbabwe attorney general charged with corruption and briberyZimbabwe is facing one of the largest corruption scandals of recent years in the state of Zimbabwe. An unprecedented corruption investigation into the former opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has revealed more than $13 billion in cash transactions and more than $10 million in bribes allegedly paid or received by the former prime minister Edgar Lungu. The scandal could shake the nation`s ruling party.Videos and news reports in Zimbabwe show the alleged bribes allegedly paid to Lungu by a host of corrupt parties. For instance, the National Economic and Social Council, Zimbabwe`s central economic regulator that oversees the economy, investigated Lungu in 2013 on charges that he had spent the majority of the year with representatives of a mining company. According to its report in October, Lungu was charged with "embezzlement of more than $1 million in official funds" between September 2012 and May 2013, the months during which he oversaw state mining investments. Lungu denies the allegations, saying that he spent all of the money on his family and has nothing to do with the charges. He has since been removed from his position as the chairperson of the NESC.The scandal also exposed evidence that Lungu received thousands of dollars in cash from a former party leader who had promised to support the former president Robert Mugabe in what became one of the most brutal periods of the country`s transition from British rule in 1990 to an all-white democracy in 2009. In the aftermath of this scandal, the former president announced that he would step down, and his son Thabo admitted to the scandal. A week later, though, the former President died in prison and his successor, Robert Mugabe, was elected to succeed him, a role in which he is continuing to take.Lungu is believed to be the highest-ranking head of state to be implicated in a huge bribery scandal in the country`s history. He served as the prime minister from 1990 to 2007 and from 2008 to 2013, but was forced from office with a court martial for abuse of power in August 2014. A year later, an opposition-led coalition swept to power in December 2013 and appointed former finance minister Pravin Gordhan, the main beneficiary of bribes from one of the president`s close allies, as its deputy prime minister.In the days following his resignation, Mugabe launched his own special commission to investigate corruption. The group recommended to the president the immediate transfer of the country`s top three posts to top members of the ruling party, and in October of 2014 he announced his move, ending a seven-year rule in which he had made a reputation as one of the most popular politicians in the country. He has said he wants to restore economic and social growth to the nation as the firs 온카지노 Tasmania confirms second swine flu case at its officeUpdatedThe second Tasmanian swine flu case has been confirmed in the Victorian capital Brisbane.The Health Department has confirmed the swine flu, known as H5N2, was found at a lab in Brisbane.The patient will be treated and released with antibiotics, officials said.Health Minister Greg Hunt said the patient was taken to hospital after coming into contact with the swine flu virus in mid-November."The swine flu strain has been identified in two patients who arrived in Brisbane the week before the outbreak," he said.The swine flu strain does not affect humans. It`s something that we are taking very seriously. Queensland Health Minister Greg Hunt"The second patient was also assessed as having a suspected case and was treated at home with antibiotics at the time before being transferred into hospital, where he received full medical assistance."The virus has not been identified yet.Dr Michael Tait from the World Health Organisation has said it is the first of its kind.He said it was probably coming from bats in a small breeding population at home."The virus is a different strain that we can`t actually monitor in human populations," Dr Tait said."And with H5N2, as with swine flu - it`s a very different strain."You have this other little bird that is feeding the Australian population and when that little bird gets infected and then it migrates around the world, people get quite frightened when they see that so that`s why we don`t know the exact strains of the bird and just say that`s what they`re doing."Dr Tait said some animals might be the true culprits."If it`s a disease that really is coming from bats and they`re not just getting the bird flu, then it seems that birds are a great route to get the virus that has come from those bats," he said."So that`s just a scenario that we`re going to look at."Dr Tait said some Australian and New Zealand cases of the strain may have been spread from people who have already had the infection.Mr Hunt said there was no evidence the H5N2 virus had ever entered our atmosphere by flight or that people should avoid travelling to Australia with pets.However, Mr Hunt says there is a high level of public concern as hundreds of thousands of people struggle to survive in places such as hospitals and schools."I think Australia is in the position of being the one that`s at risk here now. People are really feeling really bad about the situation here," he said."We do need to act fast becaus 우리카지노

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