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31.05.2020 3:52:38 83933412586
Nsw government proposes name for peninsular south coastBALMATETON/BELMARK - A federal government proposal for naming north coast areas will be announced next Wednesday, but not for much longer than the existing names.The federal government has been working on a name to replace the names of Port Macquarie Harbour, the Port of Melbourne and Adelaide`s largest city, for decades.It is calling the area around the Great White Shark, South Point, the Southern Cross, the Southern Lakes, the Western Plateau, the Red Bay, the Darling Harbour, Red River, The Great Northern Harbor and The Great Red Rock north.It is also trying to rename several small areas of the north and south coast of New South Wales and South Australia as they are now named.The proposal is also the subject of a petition drive to name the areas the Great Northern Harbour in the name of the State, and to replace the Great Western Reef in the name of the Australian mainland.However, the name is inextricably linked to the Great Western Reef."The Great Western Reef in particular is a place that people think of every time they hear the word reef because it literally refers to the north of New South Wales in Western Australia, and to be a part of that north coast is a wonderful thing," Mr. Jankowski said."The south coast is the northern half of the south coast of Australia, as I understand, and so is the Great Western Reef."We don`t need to go there."It will take some time to finalise the name for most of the north coast.Mr. Jankowski said the existing names were used for more than 90 years in the region and have been fairly permanent - in the 1990s the state government made a naming decision to name most of the area to that name, including Port Macquarie.He said the current names - the Great Northern Harbor, Great Western Reef, Southern Lakes, Darling Harbour and the Great Red Rock - were all used for longer periods of time."It`s hard to look at any of the areas that we`re looking at and say `well now we`ve had a naming policy for 20-odd years now and this is what we`re going to get`, so I think there`s some momentum behind it and probably some of the other suggestions are in there somewhere that we aren`t quite able to discuss yet, I don`t know."The NSW Government said in a statement that the Great White Shark, South Point, the Great Northern Harbor, Red River, the Darling Harbour and Southern Lakes would remain as New South Wales name of the region.Topics: state-parliament, state-parliament-an 바카라더킹카지노 Busfires nt meeting darwin tucker`s groupand he said:He`ll come as a guest.That`s exactly what happened this night. He came and did a show that I couldn`t attend.Q:Are you saying that President Clinton was behind the deaths of Senator Dole and Bob Dole in Washington in 1994, and Bob Dole was killed when he went to his house?A:I believe he was. You`re right. I mean, what could he have done? The guy was a good friend of his. He was a good person.Q:Is that what you meant to say?A:I just don`t know. I don`t know what to say about that.

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