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Beazleys indigenous health goals unrealistic for small village with few health facilitiesOn August 3rd, 2007, the Ontario government issued a press release about a major health initiative which would soon be implemented, known as the Ontario Indigenous Health Strategy: a major health initiative intended to increase access to health services for the population. A major health initiative, even one of the biggest such initiatives in Canada, is a significant achievement in a province with a population of more than 21 million people.Yet, what these initiatives are proposing is not a significant change to an existing provincial health care model. What these initiatives really promise is to expand and improve the existing Aboriginal health care model. In some ways, the Ontario Indigenous Health Strategy is about expanding the existing Aboriginal health care system. The Ontario Indigenous Health Strategy proposes creating a new framework for the delivery of Aboriginal health care. While this may indeed be the case, it does not mean that this approach is necessarily in accordance with, or superior to, the existing Aboriginal health care system.What matters for an Aboriginal community is not whether or not it has access to a system which offers access to the services offered by the medical system of Canada. What matters is whether or not it has access to the services which the existing system does not offer. That is what matters. As noted above, the Ontario Indigenous Health Strategy proposes to do exactly that: increase the level of services offered in the Ontario Aboriginal community to a level not seen since the end of the Great Depression. While such a change would be welcomed by most Canadian Aboriginal peoples, for a community that has suffered such terrible losses of wealth and social status, it is a drastic step back in terms of access to basic health care.This is, however, a policy position that is consistent with the federal Health Canada approach of universal health coverage, which was outlined in the 1996 report of the Special Commission on Aboriginal Health. The Special Commission, which met from November, 1998, to June, 1999, made many recommendations, such as the following:That the federal government: Ensure full and equal participation in the planning, implementation and enforcement of health programs under federal programs; that all levels of programs be subject to review and monitoring by the chief or the Aboriginal Affairs, Northern Development and Community Services of Canada; that all health care facilities be subject to mandatory funding for services, services to be provided by federally authorized organizations or individuals, and that all federal health funding be appropriated for specific specific Aboriginal needs. This mandate does not eliminate the possibility that programs may be inadequate; indeed, it might make them more so.That the federal government: Provide direct federal funding for Aboriginal health care services in remote and developing communities; that health services be available in communities where the rate of Aboriginal poverty is higher than at home; that Aboriginal health care professionals, whethe 바카라예스카지노바카라더킹카지노바카라 Us soldier killed 4 hurt in baghdad attackJORDAN – Two Palestinians were killed after an IDF soldier opened fire on an unidentified man while carrying out a checkpoint crossing in the West Bank, the Israeli army said Sunday."An IDF soldier was killed during a checkpoint opening operation in the Hebron region on Saturday morning," an army spokesperson said in a statement.IDF spokesman Peter Lerner identified the soldier as Sgt. Ziv Odenheimer, adding that another Israeli soldier was also killed in the incident, as were two Palestinians. The IDF has not yet given further details.It wasn`t immediately clear whether the soldier, whose identity would not be released, had been a special or infantry soldier serving in the northern part of the West Bank, as Israeli soldiers have traditionally been stationed in those places.The army said it is investigating the cause of the attack in the northern West Bank city of Ramallah, near the military academy in which Odenheimer served, according to the AFP news agency.Odenheimer, a four-year military veteran, is the oldest living soldier in the Israel Defense Forces.A military statement said Odenheimer "passed away suddenly in a hospital near Hebron in the western region of the city."Israel`s army also said late Saturday that a 17-year-old Palestinian man who crossed the Gilboa Crossing near Ramallah was killed in the attack. The teen, identified as Eyad Zidan, was reportedly a passenger in the vehicle used in the attack.Get The Times of Israel`s Daily Edition by email and never miss our top stories Free Sign UpOdenheimer was "the father" of a child and the father`s wife, the army said.Two Palestinian women, 16 and 15, were injured, it added. The military said one died.It was not immediately clear whether Israeli soldiers were involved in the incident.The Hebron district council in the Palestinian-majority West Bank city said that the killing took place at 6 a.m. local time Sunday morning and that no soldiers from the nearby army`s 8th Brigade were involved.Odenheimer`s uncle said his friend was killed "because of his resistance in a political war," The Times of Israel reported.

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