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Stinger season not over yetIt didn`t get much better than this. For the final weeks of the season, LSU fans chanted "The Tide are back" before every home game in Tiger Stadium. After finishing third in the polls, the Tigers finished second overall and No. 1 in the College Football Playoff rankings.The Tigers had their moments. Their best game of the season — an overtime win over Alabama — saw one of the most electric comeback scores in college football history. Their comeback loss to Georgia in the Sugar Bowl felt particularly exciting because of the way things finished the game.The SEC West also had its moments. The West is a playoff field that never has a regular season title and never gets to play itself out. Even after a season spent on the national radar, the West hasn`t played its best all year, finishing 7-6 with only four wins to be crowned a regular-season contender.This is the Division I conference landscape and there are still a couple big teams left.This is another year in which college football has a lot of intriguing options.The SECThis is the real conference.For the first time, the SEC is the league that many are really looking for and most are excited about this year. Texas is an obvious option, but Alabama, Ohio State, Baylor and Oklahoma are also contenders in the division. South Carolina, Georgia and LSU aren`t so far from being an idea.There are only eight teams left from the conference`s regular season, but it won`t be long until everyone but Alabama and Ohio State is in contention. The SEC is filled with teams that will compete for two of the six spots in the postseason, and there are three teams that can actually make that three-way.The SEC makes the most sense for an NFL team because of its size. The Big 12 has a big enough pool of talent to support just about anyone and a big enough conference to keep all but four of its games over the course of a calendar year. However, the SEC is the conference with a bigger pool of talent than the ACC and Big Ten because it has the biggest pool of returning talent, both in the conference (Florida, LSU, Ole Miss) and in the country (Tennessee, Mississippi State, Alabama, Ohio State).The SEC can only win so many games on the season but, after the playoff`s opening week, all four teams are more than capable of winning the conference title, which is a far more daunting task than it was last season.So it is time to pick two teams to root for.Here is a look at who has the best shot of making it to the SEC Championship Game: 바카라사이트카지노사이트 Act budget forecasts deficits ahead for 2016 as revenue falls to 8 per cent of GDPFinance Minister Joe Oliver says he will introduce legislation Monday to help businesses and homeowners keep their homes, if they qualify for a new benefit meant to help people pay for housing.It will give businesses, such as those hiring new workers or renovating old properties, another source of income to pay for the cost of running their own home, which should give them an extra cash cushion to keep more money coming in for maintenance, repairs, improvements and insurance.But it is unclear if the measure would be enough to save businesses from paying for maintenance.Newly released fiscal forecasts show household revenues were $6.6 billion lower this year than projected in February 2016, largely the result of lower oil prices and reduced oil supplies from Middle East countries.In a statement, Mr. Oliver said his government is putting all the possible tools available to the public to make housing more affordable into effect.He says $100 million per year in tax breaks, such as the GST rebate, for homeowners with a property worth more than $1.4-million would help offset the cost of mortgage interest for families with one child or less.Mr. Oliver said it was too early to be certain if the change will actually help lower costs and help people buy homes."The question you have to ask yourself is is this enough? And the answer is, no," he said."If you want to build an affordable and modern housing supply, we need to make sure we build it and make it affordable and affordable. But I think to the extent that we need more, we need to do it in a sustainable way."The measures are expected to take effect in the fiscal year that starts July 1 next year, with a few small adjustments.The measures would increase from 3 to 4 per cent a year of inflation to 3.8 per cent for housing costs for one-time cash benefits and 4.5 per cent for mortgage interest.Mr. Oliver said the changes would provide stability to taxpayers in the face of higher mortgage interest costs, however, the Liberal finance minister acknowledged he wasn`t sure how big of an impact they`d be.But Mr. Oliver said there was also an important benefit."In the long term, the more we move away from a balanced budget, the more people can save to buy themselves a home," he said.Newfoundland and Labrador, with a population of around 30,000, has a housing stock that is among the smallest in the country. The provincial government has also faced criticism for not increasing funding for capital projects in recent years to meet housing demand.—With files from Mike

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